Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another satisfied customer!

Many thanks are owed to fellow author Kym Grosso, who read and reviewed Fire Born... and gave the book 5 stars! Thanks so much, Kym, I am very happy you enjoyed the story!

Here is what Kym had to say in her own words: "Exciting Romantic Suspense!"

Monday, February 25, 2013

End of another chapter!

After months spent hanging in mid-chapter limbo, the sixteenth chapter of From the Shadows, second installment in the Shadow Chronicles series, has finally been completed. Why the excitement? Because I have been writing this book since the end of June last year, and my two published books (plus a short story) didn't take near as long to complete. I am not sure what got me stuck on Juliette's story, but I'm hopeful that being pushed to "just write" by my good friend and fellow author, Karli Rush, means that my Muse has decided to stick around and help me get more work on this project done -- perhaps even the whole book!

We shall see, eh?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Five more stars!

Fire Born just got another lovely 5-star review from reader jennc. Than you so much!

To read what jenn had to say in her own words, click the link here: "Intriguing read"

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kristin says "HOT!!!!"

Check out this wonderfully generous 5-star review of Fire Born by fellow author Kristin Michelle Adams! Thanks, Kristin -- I'm glad you liked it so much!


In other Fire Born-related news, the Free Love Extravaganza was a complete success! All the participating authors got loads of exposure, and Fire Born in particular was downloaded a total of 1,722 times worldwide! Not only that, but the book made it as far as #211 in Free in Kindle Store and #16 in Romantic Suspense! 

Congratulations to all the writers on the success of the giveaway!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Free Love Extravaganza!

Like to read ebooks? Do you have a Kindle, or perhaps you read ebooks on your computer? Are you a fan of free stuff?

If the answer to any (or all) of these questions is "Yes!", then have I got some great news for you! On February 14th, myself and several other indie authors are offering up our books for FREE! That's right, FREE -- because we want to share the love we have for our readers!

More than 30 books will be available via and 
Come join us as we indie authors share the free love!!


"Temptations", "Woody" (Temptations boxed set) by Kristin Michelle Adams

"Blood Judgment" by Nickie Asher

"Take 2" by Linda Bolton

"Best Laid Plans" by Elaine Raco Chase

"Sacrifice of Innocence" by Allison Cosgrove

"This Time, Forever" by Jennifer Cowsert

"Lauren" by Julia Crane

"My Familiar Stranger" and  "The Witch's Dream" by Victoria Danann

"Summer's Journey" by Summer Daniels

"Having Nice Things" by Angus H. Day (use coupon code CG99W at checkout)

"Soul Sisters" by Janiera Eldridge

"Memoirs of a Gigolo Vol. 1" and "Memoirs of a Gigolo: Happy Valentine's Day, Oliver" by Livia Ellis

"Kade's Dark Embrace" by Kym Grosso

"Love's Everlasting Song" by RaeAnne Hadley

"Antiquity Calais Volumes I & II" by Jim Henry

"A Gentleman's Luck" and "Legacy Forgotten" by Nicole Hill

"Love During Death" by Jessica Humphrey and Rachel Olson

"Making Her Feel" by Sapphire Kande

"Fearless" by Tawdra Kandle

"Fat Chance" by Brandi Kennedy

"Charity Moon" by DeAnna Kinney

"Ember's Curse" by Gena D. Lutz

"Hot & Wild" by Patricia Macias

"Awakened Within" and "Beautiful Beginnings" by Michelle Matkins

"In the Service of Women" by Shane McClendon

"Fracture" by Virginia McKevitt (use coupon code EH73P at checkout)

"Chasing Shadows" and "Fire Born" by Christina Moore (that's me!)

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"Doctors Who Killed" by R.J. Parker

"No More Wasted Time" by Beverly Preston

"Bad Juju" by Dina Rae

"The Ideal Side of Love" by Blak Rayne

"Fly Birdie" and "The Visitation" by Jo Robinson

"Crescent Bound""Prelude to Death", and "Seducing a Mermaid" by Karli Rush

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"Long Road, Full Speed Ahead" by Emily Walker

"Doing It in New Delhi" by Candy Wilder

"Under Ground", "The Core", "Ransom" (TDMS Collection) by J.M. Zuniga