Firehouse 343

Firehouse 343 is the name of my first contemporary romantic suspense series. It centers around a group of firefighters in the small (fictional) city of Gracechurch, Montana who put their livesand heartson the line. The series is named in honor of the 343 firemen of the FDNY who died on September 11, 2001.

The characters in each story will carry over from one to the next, and each book (written in 3rd person POV) will focus on one firefighter as he or she finds the one person who can love them for who they are in spite of the dangers of what they do. There will be action, drama, and steamy love scenes with sexy heroes! 

One town. One firehouse. One family.

Series Prequel

Firefighter Chris Paytah has been in the business of battling flames for nearly two decades, but nothing he's faced could have prepared him for the worst thing he could have ever imagined: losing the man that taught him everything he knows. Now he's got to find a way to pick up the pieces, as well as take up the reins as captain of a new fire station in Calvin's place.

Martie Liotta is the arson investigator assigned by the Montana Bureau of Fire Safety to investigate the fire that led to a 30-year veteran's death. She's hoping that she'll find evidence tying the fire to a shady businessman who happens to be the owner of the burned-out building—and is already suspected of insurance fraud. She's completely unprepared to find herself instantly attracted to Chris, or for the passion that ignites between them to burn so hot.

While the two of them work to discover the cause of the fire, they're also navigating the precarious terrain of their new relationship. But someone with a more than passing interest in the beautiful Martie causes her to doubt her judgment, leading her to make a terrible decision that drives Chris away in anger. Can he overcome the hurt in time to save her and an innocent woman from suffering at the hands of a madman with a dangerous obsession?

Book One

Simon Temple knew when he met Laura Marshall in the third grade that he would love her forever—though it wasn’t until middle school that she finally admitted she felt the same way about him. College and career plans parted them for nearly a decade, but when Simon returned to Gracechurch to join the fire department there, it was not long before he and Laura were reunited. 

For both, it was as though they’d never been apart, and an engagement soon followed. Then Laura shocked the entire town when she suddenly called off the wedding two weeks before they were set to walk down the aisle. No amount of pleading on his part got an answer Simon could live with, and so he was left to pine away for a woman whom he had loved for a lifetime, but who apparently no longer wanted him. 

Out of the blue, Laura is drawn into a police case being investigated by Simon’s detective brother, and his protective instincts come roaring to the surface. Will the connection between an abandoned infant and a series of threatening phone calls be discovered before the truth finally comes out, or will Laura take her secrets to her grave?

Book 1.5
Join the hunky heroes of Firehouse 343 for three holiday tales guaranteed to warm your heart and melt your e-reader!

"Nice and Naughty" Chris and Martie's first Christmas together is interrupted by an early morning phone call, but she is still determined to make it a day he will never forget. 

"Gifts of Christmas" Having a 'good Christmas' takes on new meaning for newlyweds Simon and Laura when they open their home—and their hearts—to a little girl named Sarah. 

"Holiday Restoration" When the stress of becoming an officer begins to weigh Curtis 'Football' Edmonds down, his wife Vonda reminds him that sometimes it's okay to let someone else take control. 

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