The Shadow Chronicles

The Shadow Chronicles is the name of my first paranormal romance series, about vampires and shapeshifters who try to live as normal a life amongst humans as they canmost of them, anyway! It's also got a little secret: there's a group calling themselves The Shadow Society that's tracking their every moveand they don't even know it!

The characters will carry over from one book to the next, but each book will focus on one character and his or her path to finding the love of their life, and are told from first person point-of-view. Each book will also feature some mystery and intrigue. I will be adding some information about the world of the Shadow Chronicles, including character bios and species details. 

Book One
Saphrona Caldwell is a 233-year-old human-vampire hybrid who maintains a quiet existence in the strangest of places: on a farm, where she raises chickens and breeds horses, pigs, and dairy cows. A far cry from the life of Gothic glamour she once lived, she has all but walked away entirely from the world into which she was born. 

Her life is forever changed when she meets Mark Singleton, an immortal human whose blood is powerfully alluring and even narcotic to vampires. Though pleased to know her destined bondmate at last, Saphrona’s happiness is complicated by a request to find someone who doesn’t actually exist, Mark’s shape-shifting half-sister, and the danger posed by an individual who is not above committing arson, kidnapping, and murder.

Book Two
Shapeshifter Juliette Singleton left her home to escape the oppressive concern of her family...and the memory of being raped. She finds little solace, however, as her sleep is plagued with nightmares, forcing her to re-live the brutal assault over and over again.

Race Covington, a chimaera, thought he was the only one of his kind. Then he reunited with Juliette, whom he had known as a child, and discovered to his delight that he was not alone after all—and the both of them discovered that they were destined to be together.

Meeting her mate leads Juliette to open up about the attack and begin the healing process, while Race believes meeting his means it is definitely time to escape the employ of a dangerous and vindictive vampire. They decide it is time to start their lives over again—together—but going home proves to be harder than they expected when they are forced to confront a dangerous foe neither could have ever imagined.


Species Information
Shapeshifters (Werekind)

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