Billie Ryan

The novel Two Evils was originally intended to be a stand-alone story. 

I should have known better. *smirk*

I figured out fairly early on that there would be at least one more book featuring the characters in TE -- even incomplete, I wanted to know more about them. This was probably subconsciously influenced by my long-standing desire to write a series with a kick-ass heroine in the lead, who would be surrounded by a close-knit group of supporting characters that would join her for each story. Some secondary characters might come and go, but for the most part, the people she was closest with would stay the same. It looked like I had at least a duology in the works.

Once the book was published, however, I had a crazy, crazy thought for a third book! At this point, there are going to be at least three. We'll see what happens once the second book gets started...

Wilhelmina "Billie" Ryan was a Marine Corps sniper with SpecOps training. When her six-year tour of duty came to an end she was recruited by the CIA, where she applied her knowledge of warfare tactics to the shadowy world of international espionage. But not even a tough-as-nails, former soldier-turned-spy known as the She-Devil was immune to heartbreak: A gangbanger's bullet took the life of her fiancé in a drive-by shooting where someone else was the target, and she was so devastated by the loss that she ran away--leaving behind her job, her friends, and even her family.

A year later, CIA agent John Courtney is tasked with finding Billie and bringing her home. Three members of her former Force Recon unit have gone missing, and she's quite possibly the only person who can find them. When he does locate her, she's living under an assumed name and tending bar on the beach with an old nemesis from her own time as an agent...and before he can explain why he's there, the two are forced to flee for their lives when the Russian mafia makes it known that they're after Billie too.

Back home, Billie struggles to reconnect with her family on top of finding out what really happened to her former teammates. She and John are also fighting the attraction growing between them, which he is more than willing to pursue but for which she's not even sure she's ready. Giving in to her burgeoning feelings for her fellow spy means taking the risk of getting hurt again, not to mention she doesn't believe she's fully over her grief for the man she loved and lost. Matters are further complicated when it seems a high-ranking Pentagon official is not being entirely truthful, and may in fact be involved in something highly illegal.

Hired guns and a mystery with no leads make for one hell of a welcome home. When painful memories threaten to cripple her ability to keep a clear head, will Billie remember her strength in time to save the lives of everyone she loves--as well as her own?

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