Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Release: "A Taste of Joy"

I am sharing this announcement for my friend and fellow author, Christopher Southers.

Available Sunday, May 12, 2013, Mother’s Day, on Amazon.

This is my mother’s story told in her words. Small pieces of who she was. 

In the confusing days following her suicide, I found papers everywhere. Typed pages, old notepads, handwritten scraps. One of these was a title page. The name on it was simple but meaningful: “A Taste of Joy”

I gathered all these scraps of a woman’s life and organized them in one document. I thought, at first, it would be a simple task. I’m her son…the writer…it shouldn’t take too long, right? It took over a year.

This is Serena Joy Southers at her most open, her most loving, her most devastated, her most pained, her most erotic, her most lost. Her most real. There are no masks here.

I learned so much about my mother during this process. So many things that were hidden behind her eyes have now been laid open before me. She wasn’t a perfect human being but she loved me and she loved life.

And I loved her. Even now I love her still.

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