Saturday, February 8, 2014

Re-Release Day: "Fallen Angels" by Christopher Southers

Giving the spotlight to my good friend Christopher today, to help him promote the re-release of his first novel, Fallen Angels

Here's the scoop on the story:

Not all who fall are lost.

Their story of God’s daughters begins with their fall from Heaven, cast out for their own protection to hide them away during Lucifer’s rebellion.

Once the war has ended, Samuel -- God’s most trusted angel -- is charged with returning them home. The daughters, born mortal, have no memory of their divine birthright. Each has led a unique life in a different part of the world, all following their own faiths, and in some cases no faith at all. 

As Samuel experiences life on Earth and witnesses the abuses that those nearest to him have been forced to suffer, his faith, once infallible, begins to fracture, and he too begins to question. 

When the actions of a former ally prompt one of the daughters to commit an unforgivable sin, Samuel is forced to make a once unthinkable choice. Defy God and risk his own salvation for hers...or allow her -- and humanity -- to be forever lost?


And here's where you can buy a copy -- go get one!

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