Friday, November 7, 2014

Seeing double... or triple... or even more.

It's been a while since I've posted here on the Diary, and for that I do apologize. As unfortunately happens sometimes, my year just hasn't gone as I would have liked it to. 

But no matter, right? Keep on keeping on, and all that. Maybe the ten months prior to this one haven't been entirely kind, but I've been in a pretty good place with my writing the last week or so, and am nearly done with my Christmas collection. 

I will admit, however, to having yet another bobble of confidence because of something that occurred just moments ago, and here's why:

It never fails... Those of us who are forced by financial restriction to depend on stock photos any old graphic artist can use - because we can't afford an exclusive license - are bound to find a chosen image on someone else's cover at some point...

...and usually right after having used said image to make a fucking brilliant cover.

This is the second or third time for me. As before, my immediate reaction was "Well, fuck." I was going to settle in and do some writing shortly, but I'm a little bummed out and kinda don't feel like it now. I've had that brief moment of wondering if I should scrap the cover I did altogether. 

But what would be the point? As stated above it's a stock image that *anyone* can buy from a stock image seller. And really, just because someone else has used that image for a similarly-themed cover (in this case, a Christmas holiday collection) doesn't mean mine is less brilliant a cover. Doesn't mean the stories within my collection are of less quality than this other collection. Doesn't mean I should let what is like to be a common occurrence until I have the means to afford exclusive licensing get me down and bum me out to the point I stop working on a story that has literally had me more enthralled in the last three or four days than any has pretty much the rest of the year.

So time for me to end this pity party. Suck it up. And get back to work.

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