Thursday, September 6, 2012

Book Review: "Redemption in Blood - A Novel of the Penitent" by Tara S. Wood

Rating: 5 black roses

Let me start off by saying I really loved this book. I loved how the non-traditional vampire elements (endurance of sunlight, breeding, feeding habits) were mixed with the traditional ones (fangs, bloodlust, enhanced senses, strength, and other abilities). I loved that the action started right away and didn't let up. I loved that there were characters you rooted for and characters you couldn't wait to see get what was coming to them. There are characters you can sympathize with and some who make you scratch your head and say, "WTF?" and "Get over yourself already!" And again, there are the bad guys, who I really, really wanted to see die horribly. And they do! ;)

Decker Price, the human homicide detective, was easy to fall in love with as a character. He was cleanly written as a tortured man just looking for answers...and a way to ease a ton of pain and guilt. Vesper Hyde, the militant vampire female...I admit that I found her very hard to like at first. She came across as really bitchy and way too full of her own self-importance for my taste, and more than once she treats Decker like shit, which I did not like at all. But she does mellow eventually so I'll just say I don't think of her as a complete bitch...but still a bitch. Marcus, another militant vampire, I saw as a classic badass, the kind daddies hope their daughters never meet (his being a vampire notwithstanding). Lori the witch is someone I liked quite a bit, though chick seriously needs a reality check (ever heard of not messing with shit you don't understand?). Decker's partner C.C. wasn't in the book enough to get to know her well, but she seemed a level-headed gal. And Cain, the half witch/half vampire was awesome as the comic relief guy--his antics made me laugh out loud more than once! 

Overall I liked this book A LOT, and I think it deserves my first five-rose rating. I definitely recommend it to those of you who enjoy paranormal romances with steamy love scenes with a few dollops of danger and intrigue. 


Redemption in Blood: A Novel of the Penitent can be purchased for just $2.99 at and!


  1. Thank you so much for the glowing review!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the story and took the time to review it. Means so much. MWAH!!! Marcus and Lori's story is coming soon!!!

  2. I am definitely looking forward to that one! And you are most welcome.

  3. Loved the review!
    I totally agree it is cover to cover action :)
    I am waiting to see what happens with Marcus!