Monday, October 22, 2012

Kristine Cayne: The Top 10 reasons I love my genre!

As part of the Romantic Maidens Book Tour promoting the new anthology Romance in the Rain (released October 15th), penned by Seattle's own Rainy Day Writers, author Kristine Cayne has dropped by the Diary today to share her top ten reasons why she loves writing romantic suspense. Take it away, Kristine!


Hi Christina! Thank you so much for having me on Diary of an Indie Author today. Your support of Romance in the Rain and this book tour has been extraordinary, and I can’t wait to repay the favor when your next book comes out!

Top ten reasons I love my genre:

1.) Hot sex
2.) Alpha heroes and kick-ass heroines
3.) Real-life villains/antagonists
4.) Spine-tingling suspense
5.) Startling scenarios and explosive action scenes
6.) Gut-wrenching emotional conflict
7.) High-wire excitement
8.) Unpredictable plots
9.) Globe-trotting settings
10.) Did I already mention the hot sex?

Now, here’s an answer with a little more meat. Why do I think romantic suspense is the best genre ever? That’s simple: because it’s the only genre where romance and suspense share the spotlight. Let’s break it down.

Romantic suspense is above all a romance. The hero and heroine must overcome challenges, both external and internal, to find happiness with each other. It is also the first cousin of the thriller. Tension increases as the story unfolds. The hero and heroine face increasing levels of danger, and its consequences, as the villain gets closer to achieving his or her own goal.

The author weaves the suspense and the romance threads in such a way that neither exists without the other. The suspense propels the romance and the romance propels the suspense. The danger brings the hero and heroine together. But as the romantic relationship develops, the stakes rise and the increased danger threatens to tear the hero and heroine apart. This deadlock situation creates tension for the characters and, more importantly, for the readers. 

It’s not enough though for the romantic suspense author to torture their characters with a raging villain dead set on killing them. Oh, no. We also need to torture our heroes and heroines with their own twisted secrets, extreme passions, and deadly desires. They need to overcome their own pasts, fears, and failures if they are to have a chance at a future together. 

What could be more satisfying than a story about a hero and heroine who defeat evil and find true love?


Thank you, Kristine! All those responses -- especially numbers 1 and 10! -- are really great reasons to love writing and reading romantic suspense. I'll be trying my hand at this very popular genre in the near future, so let's hope I can measure up to those standards!

Be sure to come by again on November 16th to check out my review of Romance in the Rain, an interview with Kristine, and your chance to win great prizes!

Can't wait 'til November? Romance in the Rain is on sale now at these online retailers: Amazon (US)Amazon (UK)Barnes & NobleKoboAReSmashwords


  1. Christina - thank you so much for kicking off the ROMANCE IN THE RAIN blog tour with such style :)

  2. You are most welcome! Happy to help spread the word!

  3. Christina--thanks for inviting the Rainy Day Writers to your blog.

    Kristine--you've got the RS subgenre nailed. Even though I write historical romance, I love to include a suspense subplot if I can. The external do-or-die conflict really heats things up!

  4. Christina: Thanks so much for highlighting our new anthology. We really appreciate it, and hope your readers will enjoy it!

  5. Charlotte and Marianne, you are most welcome! I'm more than happy to help out, and maybe someday you'll do the same for me!

  6. Great post! Christina, I appreciate the publicity for "Romance in the Rain."
    Kristine - I've bought the book and can't wait to read your novella in its final incarnation!

  7. Clare, you are most welcome! And having read the book to review it, I can tell you it's really, really good!

  8. Great post. I love those kinds of books. Thanks for being a part of the Romance in the Rain Hop.