Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can't please everybody.

I have sold 34 copies of Fire Born in the first week of release, of which I am very proud. Three reviews were posted, two of which were quite flattering (thanks ladies!) and one that was...not so much. Here's what mitzi926 had to say

Personally, I think she was unfairly harsh. Not because I wrote the book in question, but because she took it too seriously. Even she acknowledged it was a work of fiction, so keeping that in mind, she ought to have expected a little bit of unrealism (though I certainly tried my best to make it as realistic as possible). Yes, the main characters did have sex the same day they met, but that does happen in real life, as well as romance novels -- it's an exceptionally common theme in romance novels, in fact. But they do not fall in love within two days. Chris and Martie admit right away that they are very attracted to one another, but it takes them more than two days to realize they're in love. Perhaps if she had actually read the entire book (instead of rolling her eyes), she might have realized all of this, and in turn perhaps enjoyed it more.

Ah well. Every author gets bad reviews once in a while. It was only a matter of time before I joined the club. Most of the people that I know who have read the book have thoroughly enjoyed it, but I know not everybody's going to. I'm sorry this person didn't.

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