Wednesday, March 27, 2013

More good vibes means another sneak peek!

Because I'm feeling pretty good about the work I've gotten done, here's a little snippet of the scene I am working on RIGHT NOW!

My hope was short-lived. As Merrick was pulling open the sliding door on the passenger side, he ordered his goons to search us. They took their time rubbing their hands all over us, their rough fingers lingering between our legs, on our asses, squeezing our breasts. Panic began to overwhelm me, and I fought desperately to control it. I couldn’t go through another experience like I had, not again. But I also couldn’t fall apart and give in to fear because Caroline needed me. I had to be strong, to keep a clear head for both of us, if I was going to devise a way out of this mess.

“Cell phone on the piece of tail, Boss,” my captor said, pulling my phone from the pocket of my jacket.

Merrick turned, taking the phone from him. “Ooh, seems we’ve got a call in progress—I wonder who it could be?” he put the phone to his ear, grinning as Race began to bellow loud enough that even his mother could hear him.

You are fucking DEAD! I am going to rip your worthless fucking spine out with my bare hands, you sorry piece of SHIT, if you harm one hair on their heads!” 

Merrick glanced at his muscle. “Get ‘em in the van, and don’t worry about being careful when you tie and gag ‘em—oh, and girlie? Piece of advice: don’t even think about turning into that fucking mutt you become. I see one paw on you and Silas here gets to fuck lover boy’s mommy to death.”

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