Friday, December 7, 2012

The 12 Days of Christmas!

No, I don't mean the song. I'm talking about the twelve promotional spotlights the wonderful Tammy Schweiger-McLaughlin will be featuring on her blog, Ravenz Reviews. 

From December 12th through December 23rd, Tammy will spotlight an indie author she thinks you should get to know better! Each one will answer some questions about themselves and their work, the books they've written and the ones they've yet to write. Come join Tammy and all of the authors participating is this wonderful promotional event!

Visit one (or all!) of the following links to keep tabs on the 12 Days of Christmas event:
Ravenz Reviews
Belladonna's Book Corner
12 Days of Christmas Author Spotlight

Oh, and guess what? Yours truly will get her time in the spotlight on December 15th! 

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